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Power World Heat Pump Introduction

2016/1/26      view:

      The Power World product range is very diverse and fully tailored to our customers' needs. From detached single-family homes to commercial buildings - PowerWorld heat pumps cover groundwater and water/water with heating outputs from 7kW to 115kW and air source heat pumps from 2kW to 110kW.

Heat pumps
Energy-saving, cost-effective, sustainable and with a guaranteed future – those are the principal features associated with a modern, properly installed heat pump. OCHSNER heat pumps offer critical advantages for heating, cooling and hot water heating. And the system is extremely simple:
The heat pump uses ambient heat which is stored in the air, water and ground – natural heat sources. Much of this environmental energy comes from the sun, but heat also comes from deep within the ground. These renewable energies are heated from a low to a higher temperature level by means of sophisticated technology, making them suitable for heating purposes. 


Heat pumps convert low-temperature heat into higher-temperature heat - even in winter when it is well below freezing.

This process takes place in a closed circuit and involves constantly changing the state of the working fluid (evaporation, compression, condensation, expansion). Refrigerators operate on the same principle to extract heat from inside and discharge it to the outside.

By contrast, heat pumps take stored solar heat from the environment around the house - soil, water or air - and release it together with the input energy in the form of useable heat to the heating and hot water circuit.