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The tobacco heat pump drying project, successfully set up by Power World Group days ago

2017/8/15      view:

The tobacco heat pump drying project, successfully set up by Power World Group days ago to replace the traditional coal-burning drying, brought an epochal change to the tobacco peasants for time saving, labor saving, environmental friendly and 30% energy saving. The drying effect gained praise from all of the peasants. Comparing with traditional coal baking house, Power Worlds heat pump dryers save much cost and thus increase the output value of RMB80-100/acre for the peasants.


Well selected axial fan, with large air flow, low noise and more quiet operation.

Waterproof and easy to open electrical box, with built-in independent safe and easy to maintain air switch.

Imported cage style maintenance-free terminals, without poor contact caused by shaking and oxidation and reducing electronic control failure to 50%.

Line number, by using the computer thermal transfer shrinkage technology, clearly matching the wiring diagram and stopping falling off.

Strong and practical packages.

New V-type placed condenser design, effectively increasing the unit's heat transfer area and making the unit more efficient and more energy-saving.

Product features:

1. Energy saving and environmental friendly. 

2. Quality guaranteed and high efficient.

3. Safety for food drying grade.

4. Intelligent technology and no need labor on duty.

5. Multiple protection and stable performance.

6. Concentration and professional.

The entire heat pump drying process, by using intelligent control technology, and with a variety of drying process procedure built inside, saves a lot of labor and time costs.

Comparing with drying by electricity, fuel oil and gas, Power World high temperature heat pump dryers save more cost and are more feasible for long term investment.

So Power world heat pump dryers are the most economical and environment friendly options.

The leading brand of air source heat pump, Power World heat pump dryers,  not only save energy, avoid environmental pollution, suit for drying tobacco, and improve the output and the products quality, but also enhance the product market competitiveness, and increase the income of farmers. On the other hand, Power World heat pump dryer not only fully meet the requirements of tobacco baking drying, but also meet that of printing drying, food drying, herbs drying, rubber drying, handicraft drying, forage drying, slime drying and so on.