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   we also have a professional and international service team to support you if there are any problems. Our service team will be standby for 16 hours per day to avoid the problems due to the time difference for different countries, and  any problems will be replied in 24 hours and solved in 48 hours.

Why Choose Power World Heat Pump?

    Safe and Reliable:
  • Power world heat pump doesn’t use electric heating、 doesn’t contact with electric heating and water, there is no shock hazard . Don't use of fuels, eliminate inflammable, explosive, toxic wait for safe hidden trouble!

  • Efficient Energy Saving
  • Power world heat pump gets a lot of free heat from the air, consumed only small electric energy, absorbs low grade of free energy in the air, which can be renewable resources, high thermal efficiency, and low operating cost, save a lot of energy consumption directly!

  • Greenness:
  • Power world heat pumps use clean energy, clean water, no air pollution, no toxic gas emissions, protect clean environment.

  • All-weather use:
  • Power world heat pump is not effects by overcast, rain and other adverse inclement weather, , 24 hours can be used to make up for the hot water all-weather .

  • Long- term durability:
  • Power world heat pumps use world famous Copeland scroll compressor and other high-quality parts and materials, through meticulous manufacturing and strict quality control to ensure product quality and service life!

  • Easy to install:
  • Power world heat pump installation is simple, small space, can be installed on the roof, balcony, garage, kitchen, storage rooms, basements and so on, do not need someone to look after, do not need to set up specialized equipment room.

  • Wide range of applications:
  • Power world heat pump specification model is complete, you can fully meet the family, villas, schools, hotel, bath center, beauty salon, swimming pools and other units heat water needs!     ====================================================================

Tech support

Power World Heat Pump Main Components

The most powerful heart—Copeland compressor,Sanyo compressor,Daikin compressor,Hitachi compressor,etc.

  • Long life(at least 10 years) and It is difficult to abrade.
  • Over current protection
  • Open-phase protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Resisting the liquid hammer strongly and run normally under bad conditions.
  • High voltage & low voltage protection


  • High quality coils: copper tube coils constructed of inner groove technology.
  • Treble the process of heating exchange and double the area of heating exchange.
  • Reducing scale as possible as it can and extending the life of heat pump.


  • Steel cabinet with high quality copper tube inside.
  • very high heat exchange efficient.
  • long life and good performance .

Expansion valve

  • Adopting thermal expansion valve.
  • Making sure the best velocity of flow. It can increase the COP.
  • It works very stably and this will faster the defrost.

The third generation of control systerm

  • Touch design LCD display control panel.
  • Iintellectually control water pump,water supplement, water discharge and defrosting system.
  • Supply water all day long, guarantee water at the fixed time.


  • Galvanized /Sustain steel 304 optional

Heat exchanger

  • Marking a full use of cooling water and leading to better heating performance.
  • Made easily with simple structure and small shape.
  • Titanium heat exchanger: corrosion-resistant


    How Does Heat Pump Work?

    Heat pump is a promising technology that uses the same mechanical principles as refrigerators and air conditioners to generate hot water. Unlike conventional electricity and fossil-fuel-fired water heaters, heat pump takes heat from the surrounding air/water/soil and transfers it to the water in the tank.

    The air source heat pump works by taking heat from the surrounding air and using it to heat low pressure liquid refrigerant in the heat pump’s evaporator, vaporizing the liquid. The refrigerant then passes through the compressor, which raises the refrigerant pressure and thus the temperature as well. The heated refrigerant gas passes through the heat pump condenser, where it gives off its heat to the water and condenses back into the liquid state. The liquid refrigerant now passed through an expansion valve or capillary where the pressure is reduced and the cycle starts over.

    Heat pumps mainly consist of a compressor, fan (applicable to air to water), evaporator and condenser. The compressor requires electricity to compress the refrigerant and vaporize it, and the fan requires a small amount of electricity to continually blow air across the evaporator coils when the unit is operating. The only electricity cost is the operation of the compressor and the fan in order to collect the free heat and pump it to the hot-water.