80 degrees high temperature Air source heat pump

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2. Feature

2.1 Max outlet water temperature 85℃: Maximum Temperature up to 85 degree C, working good at ambient temperature 5degrees or above,available for green house or industrial usage, like galvanizing, slaughtering, printing & dyeing etc.

2.2  Eco-friendly refrigerant: R134A
2.3  Reliable and durable compressor: American Copeland compressor
2.4  Economy unit(EVI heating exchanger)Enhanced Vapor Inject technology
2.5  Air heat exchanger (fins-coil) with hydrophilic coating: Tupe-in-tupe heat exchanger
2.6  Thermal expansion value: Danfoss/Emerson
2.7  Auto-defrosting function included: With reverse cycle valve inside
2.8  Intelligent control system: Automatically remember all parameters if power off, lack of phase or wrong phase of three phase power supply can be protected.
2.9  Anti-freezing function.
2.10  It works automatically even without operation panel or panel damaged.
2.11  Over high/low pressure protection.
2.12  Benefit from a high volume of stored thermal energy. High efficiency and energy-saving: Up to 60% savings comparing to heating by electricity or oil.
2.13  Intelligent digital controller for precise control
2.14  Stable running: Can work at night as well as on cloudy and rainy days
2.15  Easy to install: Just need to complete plumbing and electrical connections
2.16  Occupies very little space: So can be connected near utility point
2.17  Long life-span: Very long life-span (up to 15 years), thus they are extremely reliable and a steady source of heat.

3. Mark

4. Parameter

5.  Working Principle

6. Application

Bussiness Organizations supermarket, large-scale shopping malls, exclusive agency, chain shops, large-scale sales, star-rated hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, pharmacy, offices, hospital, schools
Public Places
Subway, airports, stations, gas stations, toll stations, bookstores, apartments, villas, offices, commercial buildings, model rooms, property brokers

Movie theaters, fitness halls, country clubs, clubs, massage rooms, bars, cafes, internet bars, beauty shops, golf course

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