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EVI heat pump European technology to work -25degree

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 Why choose PowerWorld Commercial hot water heat pump?

  High Temperature Heat pumps’ outlet water temperature reach 80℃, which can satisfy most water demand for high temperature water in industrial production.

Air Source Commercial EVI heat pump

Product Description:

  • economy: The operating cost is only 1/4 of electric water heater, 1/4 of gas water heater and 1/2 of oil water heater, 2/3 of solar water heater. COP (the ratio of output against input) is more than 4 .
  • safe and no pollution: Water and electricity are completely separated. No electricity leak, No explosion, No CO.
  • convenience and Long age: Take a little space and place, easy Installation, Special compressor for heat pump, durable and energy efficient (15 years).
  • intellectual anti-freezing: Auto anti-freezing function protects the equipment against very low outer temperature.
  • automatic microcomputer control: According to demands, it can switch on/off or design the temperature of water automatically.
  • continuous water supplying: Will not be affected by seasons or the weather. 24hrs and 365 days hot water supply.
  • wide scope of application: Widely used in households, villas, dormitories, schools, hotels, entertainment centers beauty salon and. etc.

Home Comfort:
Dependable scroll compressor—provides smooth, efficient and reliable operation.

Commercial hot water Parameters:

Heating Capacity kW 10.8 14.4 18 21.6
Power Input  kW 2.7 3.6 4.5 5.4
Rated Water Temp. 55 55 55 55
Highest Water Temp. 60 60 60 60

Power Supply





Refrigerant   R417A R417A R417A R417A
Ambient temp.


Hot Water Supply L/H 232 310 387 464
Dimension L*W*H mm 1110*425*615 1110*425*815 1180*425*965 1110*425*1225

Running conditions: Ambient temperature DB(dry bulb) 20 ℃,WB(wet bulb)15℃,water input at 15℃. 

 Commercial hot water EVI heat pump Features:

1) Base frame and external panels are made of stainless steel.

2) High efficiency compressor with R407c Refrigerant.

3) Touch design LCD control panel, and the control signals are easier to be transferred to the control system;

4) Well heat insulation inside the unit to increase the COP. 

5) External rotor fan ensures lower noise and vibration

6) Automatic defrosting function included. 

7).Clock & Timing on/off function.

8) High quality copper tube coils constructed of outer thread technology

9) Automatic defrosting function included.

10) General testing and operational test carried out for every unit before package in the factory.


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