Air source heat pump water heater

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2. Feature  

2.1 Sanitary hot water all year round;
2.2 High efficiency compressor with R410A/R417A refrigerant
2.3 Water pump built-in & water cycle:easy installation
2.4 4 seasons fuction
POWERWORLD pool heat pump can work under wide ambient temperature ranges, from -70C to 430C, and provide all year-round warm water supplies, even the unit is installed in cold outdoor area.

2.5 Intelligent defrosting system
Adopt high quality Danfoss 4-way valve, and combined with POWERWORLD intelligent auto-defrosting system, it assures the heat pump unit can work smoothly under severe cold environment.
2.6 Quiet operation
With the superior low-noise 6# fan motor, plus the inner sound-absorbing foam, which keeps you far away from the neighborhood and children complains of too high running noisy. 
2.7 Security and stability 
Well selected top-brand components to provide you the most stable performance; totally isolated electricity and water system to guaranty a security daily use. 

2.8 Environmental friendly
With the green refrigerant R407c/R410a, no harm to the ozone, and leaves more blue sky to our posterity.



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