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Product Application

Domestic sanitary hot water
    Main heat pump machine is hung externally on wall with water tanks being placed at balcony.Its excellent safety, environment-friendly, high COP etc.Domestic sanitary heat pump, which could be connected with solar panel to reach the maximum energy-saving, can satisfy your family by constantly providing 60℃ sanitary hot water.



Commercial heat pump water heater system
     Its more energy-saving, safe,high efficiency,  and environmental protection... The method of using while heating overcomes the disadvantage of high electricity consumption of electric water heater and unsafety of gas water heater. PowerWorld commercial heat pump can even give good performance at -25℃ working conditions, with which makes it more and more popular in many places like commercial center, super market, office building, school, hotel, hospital, leisure center, etc.



Swimming Pool Heating pump water heater
    Automatic heating and constant temperature solve difficults of high energy consumption and complicated operation of boiler used for large constant-temperature swimming pools and sauna bathing pools.Featuring with its stable function, safe and environmental protection, high efficiency, etc. Saving energy for baths by providing water for room water consumption and sauna bath .PowerWorld swimming pool heat pump water heater is comprehensively applied in many indoor or outdoor pool projects. Such as domestic pool, holiday village gymnasium or leisure center etc.



Heat Pump for House Heating ,Cooling & Hot Water
    Adoption of single-machine or multi-machine connection enables time water supply.Energy saving, high efficiency and environment-friendly ,PowerWorld Inverter Heat Pump, equipped with pipes laid or  fan coils, can meet the needs of domestic heating, cooling and supplied hot water.Commonly used in Hospital ,Student Apartment ,Hotel ,Villa etc.



High temperature Heat Pump Drying

    Industrial heat pump dryer for Tobacco, Tea, Bacon, food, fruit, chemical, cloth, save 50% to 70% energy bill.Heat Pump dryer through the form of hot air moisture evaporation vaporization of material Evaporation of water vapor discharged by the platoon is wet system and achieve the purpose of drying materials.Platoon is wet system with heat recovery unit, recycle the heat used to heat air,Can save 70% energy consumption of fresh air preheating.